Great Grey Heron (Oil)

First time I have ever painted on wood. My neighbor recently installed tongue and groove wood boards on her wall and saved two pieces (each 6" x 14") which are connected on the back with a cross piece. She had commissioned me to create a Florida painting to coordinate with her decor. I was quite surprised how easy it was to paint on wood. Two issues to address : 1) the porous surface of the wood (that ate paint); and 2) the groves on the surface of the wood that sometimes made a straight line difficult to create. Overall, I like the affect.


Wow, this is fantastic! I love it!

Jody, you have an extraordinary talent with birds.

Now I’m curious.

is this because you’ve spent so much time drawing/painting them? or do you simply find them more inspiring??

at any rate;

your Now like Semi-pro, yes? is this your first commission?


Jason, Thank you for such a generous compliment.
I started painting about 50 years ago in Miami with a teacher Mrs. Virginia Lovell. But having a family, airline career and lots of travel I put my art on “hold”. However I have always been more interested in painting animals (and birds) than anything else. So during this period of house arrest I have started painting again. Florida has a big share of exotic birds and I have a neighbor who is a wildlife photographer. Aren’t I lucky? She provides 75% of the bird subjects which explains why so many of the recent pictures are of birds.
Thank you again for such nice comments. You made my day!

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You did a great job! Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful! I love how the Great Grey heron looks on this wood. It is just amazing.