Great Grey Heron (Oil)

First time I have ever painted on wood. My neighbor recently installed tongue and groove wood boards on her wall and saved two pieces (each 6" x 14") which are connected on the back with a cross piece. She had commissioned me to create a Florida painting to coordinate with her decor. I was quite surprised how easy it was to paint on wood. Two issues to address : 1) the porous surface of the wood (that ate paint); and 2) the groves on the surface of the wood that sometimes made a straight line difficult to create. Overall, I like the affect.


Wow, this is fantastic! I love it!

Jody, you have an extraordinary talent with birds.

Now I’m curious.

is this because you’ve spent so much time drawing/painting them? or do you simply find them more inspiring??

at any rate;

your Now like Semi-pro, yes? is this your first commission?


Jason, Thank you for such a generous compliment.
I started painting about 50 years ago in Miami with a teacher Mrs. Virginia Lovell. But having a family, airline career and lots of travel I put my art on “hold”. However I have always been more interested in painting animals (and birds) than anything else. So during this period of house arrest I have started painting again. Florida has a big share of exotic birds and I have a neighbor who is a wildlife photographer. Aren’t I lucky? She provides 75% of the bird subjects which explains why so many of the recent pictures are of birds.
Thank you again for such nice comments. You made my day!

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You did a great job! Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful! I love how the Great Grey heron looks on this wood. It is just amazing.

I love your painting and its appeal on the wooden surface. I laughed at your ‘house arrest’ comment. I, too, love to draw and paint so I started painting weeds. I knew I didn’t have to venture from my own back yard to find plenty and would be ‘low risk’ for catching the COVID! I painted about 20 images then signed up for a botanical drawing class which turned out to be a disaster. I haven’t done a single assignment here yet, but will work on the colored pencil peppers tomorrow. So far (having watched 3 videos) I’ve learned way more than the other (and far more expensive) class offered. Anyway, your work is beautiful. It made my eyes happy!

Thank you for your reply. I too have benefited greatly from these lessons and tips on improving the mediums. I will be looking forward to seeing some of your work.

Really love this! And it looks so good on the boards. Did you use gesso under it or something else or is it raw wood?

Thank you for your compliment. This is painted directly on the wood. I didn’t want to add any product that might alter the appearance of the wood grain. First time but I think I’ll do it again

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How did you prep your surface, Jody? It’s such a wonderful piece. Great detail!

No prep, just painted directly on the wood.

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Great job! Drawing birds is so much fun.

So original! I love it

So beautiful and the wood just adds to the character and texture, great job!

Beautiful work. Looks like you solved every challenge. I grew up in Miami. There is definitely a wonderful variety of bird life there. Endless inspiration.

Thank you for the nice comments. I lived in Miami from 1968 to 1990 in the Pinecrest area. I always love Miami but it’s changed so much I don’t think I’d want to live there again.
Good luck with your artwork I hope you share it with us.

I Love it! You are such an accomplished master of birds and all animals.