Great white shark (by a newbie)

Tom Billings I’m a complete newbie … just beginning to draw, just beginning to use the forums. I saw Matt’s video of a great white and thought I’d try something. It was my first attempt to use toned paper and white charcoal. I thought I’d post it for feedback.


Great job. I love it!

Great job on the toned paper and white pencil. I am going to try drawing my ‘white’ dog on toned paper from a photograph. Should be interesting, just need a starting point. Your shark looks so real. Being a newbie, you were masterful at capturing the fear that most people have of sharks. Keep up the good work.

Lenora ‘aka’ ArtistLittleNora

Thank you, Denise. I wasn’t sure what, if anything, to expect by posting. I appreciate the affirmation.

Thank you, lilnora. Everything I do is an adventure and an experiment. I was pleased with the outcome. I hope you’ll let me know when you post your dog drawing.

I have been studying many mediums - pretending that I am going to art school - and Matt’s work is enabling to move my skills forward.
Good work on the great white. Have you tried his ostrich? The ostrich was a pleasure to watch evolve.
So much to learn!

Nicely done, especially for a beginner! I have yet to try toned paper but I recently purchased some and look forward to trying it out.

Hope your experiments with toned paper go well.

4Margaret, thanks for the affirmation. I’m not sure which ostrich you’re referring to.

not sure if link will work. Is in Live Lessons “Ostrich” with Charcoal

Wow very realistic! Betty

Looks intriguing. I’ve been working on fruit still life images lately. I may have to circle back to this one.

Thanks, Betty. I appreciate it.