Guacamole Anyone?

Used Prismacolor Premier and Derwent Colored Pencils. Works great on different 300 GSM card stock. Thank you for your comments.
JackAvocato Dwg


I like it…btw…i SURE wish all my avocadoes looked this good! :slight_smile: …having a hard time! haha Just seems 3 out of 5 I get are good…
I know I sound redundant, but …did get some Primacolor colored pencils to try out…a must very soon…
Good job…

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Thank you Isabel, I appreciate that.

I went out and bought some avocados and then took some pictures of them while I was making Guacamole.

I was using my own imagination to draw some things. When I switched to clear photo references, it made a world of difference!

Thanks again, and have great day!


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This is great. I love it.

Thanks Denise. I appreciate your positive input. Have a great day.