I Don't Want to See the Truth Artwork

Hello Friends, here is an artwork that I finished earlier this year. Hopefully, you’ll love it!

It is about a person who lives in a fabricated world. This reality is made up by their mind and restrained by assumed limitations, fears, and illusions. Also, it is about the strength and courage that are required to face the truth.

Although we see here many predatory animals and a deer skull, this drawing has a positive meaning.

If we approach life with respect, care, and love, the lynx will transform into a big yet tender cat. The snake will slip away without attacking, and everything else that we see here will do us no harm. We’ll see that there are no enemies, but friends.

If the girl takes off the blindfold and armor, chances are that she’ll be amazed. Just because there is no need to defend herself. The war is over, and there never was any. The world is full of beauty and wonders; every day presents new reasons to be grateful.

Ink liners and graphite on paper


Awesome work Eugenia! Thanks for sharing. I love the meaning behind what you’ve created. Everything you do is just wonderful! Thanks for everything!

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Thank you, Matt! I appreciate it so much :slight_smile:

Dang, Eugenia, that is one complex drawing. I love the style and the subject. I’ve always admired pen and ink and you’ve handled it beautifully. Thank you for sharing

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Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: I appreciate your attention so much!

Wow what a wonderful work of art. So meaningful on so many levels.

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Thank you, Barbara! :slight_smile: Glad to know that you like it!

Amazing, so detailed and meaningful.

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Such detail! Your works are so interesting and have so much to see. And I love your stories behind them. Thanks for sharing.

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Many thanks! Have a great day :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, Ginny :slight_smile: I appreciate it so much.

amazing…very creative work as well as thoughts…thanks for sharing it

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can you tell which paper did you used for this drawing?

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Thank you! Glad that you like it. It’s ordinary drawing paper with smooth surface :slight_smile:

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