Imaginary tree(and a bit of accessories)

Just finished drawing a new piece titled “imaginary tree”.

I’ve been drawing trees so often that I thought I may be able to draw a tree without using a photo reference. I was curious to see if I could actually do it, so I gave it a try. Looks like I can.

Once finished, the tree looked so serious so I wanted to add a bit of accessories to make this piece look more amusing. That’s why I added a black cat and a tabby cat’s tail teasing the black cat.

Hope you like this piece :cat: :wink: :tumbler_glass:


It looks like the cat is thinking about how to get up on that tree. Great work. Love it.

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I love the tail of the tabby is truly a great touch! I love it!

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Great shading and linework on this. I really like the style!


Hi Maki. I really like your drawings. They are always well executed and whimsical. By the way, congratulation for having had your art critiqued (again) :smiley: :+1:



Thank you for your sweet comment Denise. Sounds very cute💕

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Thank you for your charming comment, Jack. Drawing a tabby’s tail is a HUGE fun. It doesn’t take so much technique and yet the results are always good. One of the things that I love drawing💕

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Thank you so much for your sincere comment, Ben. I am learning a lot from other artists’ approaches to pen drawings and this is also influenced by a very skilled pen artist whom I found on Instagram. Glad to know that you like this style :two_hearts:

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Looks like the black cat is waiting until the tabby moves out of his way.

Lenora - ArtistLittleNora


Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your comment. “Whimsical” is a new English term for me. Does that mean something close to “unique and funny”?

←I actually checked some synonyms for “whimsical” using this site.

If I understand “whimsical” correctly, I am glad that I was able to draw something funny again. Because I have been having a pretty hard time during the recent few months since my mother was hospitalized in Feb because of a spinal compression fracture from osteoporosis. Fortunately, her conditions were not so bad that she was able to come home after only about 3 weeks of hospitalization. After that, though, I have been almost always nervous because I had to keep watching her to avoid any risky movements which might cause her another fracture. Furthermore, the continued tension caused myself a bit of mental and physical trouble and I had to see doctors in the cardiovascular and gastroenterological medicine. I was not in the mood for drawing anything, but I had to keep drawing anyway because I did not have much time to prepare for my exhibition planned in the latter part of May. I kept drawing in a gloomy mood, but somehow, looks like anything I draw ends up something funny no matter how depressing conditions I am under. I don’t know, but maybe this is because of my personality.

Thank you very much for your kind comment Daniel :+1: :yum: :cat:

Maybe she is! Thank you so much for your lovely comment Lenora :blush: :cat: :+1:

Sorry to hear about your recent challenges. Hopefully, things will improve for both of you. As for the word whimsical, that is accurate. By adding that simple little detail (the tail), you turned a plain drawing into a fun and amusing drawing. I always enjoy your art. Please keep sharing. Especially cats, since I am a cat lover. :wink: :smiley: :+1:

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Thank you Patricia, I really appreciate your kind words.
I have been supporting her in her rehabilitation so that she can walk again. Now she can stay up reading her favourite books(now she is reading Jane Eyre and Agatha Christie’s autobiography in parallel)for hours without any pains, keep walking unless too long, and she can take care of herself in most cases. She eats well and sleeps well, so looks like her recovery is pretty quick considering her age 81.

As to the new work, actually I have just completed this one(“waiting for our hoomans”).
I am going to use this piece for the exhibition, but have no plans to prepare any print items based on this yet, because this piece is still too experimental and needs a lot more refinement. And maybe I will need to add some more cats here and there :cat: