Ink and wash lesson

This is my very first attempt using ink and a nib pen and also watercolour from ink and wash lesson. Those with experience with this mix media, could tell me why my ink got faded after using watercolour…I dont have a good quality watercolour, could it be the problem?I tried to go over some of the lines after applying watwrcolour, but the nib pen didnt like it as it was picking up particles on the tip. So I used a graphic liner to bring the lines to life again. As a begginer in every aspect, Iam happy with the result, but I ran across a lot of problems with this one.

Nicely done. Your sky looks appropriately dramatic.
I have done this one as well and it felt like a real education. Did you try his tram?

Hi Margaret,
Thank you.
I havent tried the tram yet. I need to try fixing the fading ink lines with watercolour problem before I attempt anything else with ink and wash otherwise I will end up with the same result wich wasnt great.

Of course. You have courage trying a nib pen. If you used Matt’s suggested brand of ink, I don’t understand why it is not colorfast. I would doubt that it is the quality of watercolour.
Why not gather your details (brands of ink etc and send your question to Matt’s Member’s minute? We will both be interested in his response.
I myself am awaiting delivery of nib pen, so am using the liner exclusively. It is handy for me. I’ll be right behind you when I finally get my nib pen.