Just For Fun - Cartoons

I do a weekly Looney Tunes inspired drawing, just for fun. I’m not worried about composition or realism lol…but I thought I’d share this with you guys. Anyone remember Saturday mornings by the tv, eating cereal and watching Bugs Bunny??? This one is Bugs Bunny posing as Whistler’s Mother, he was a good sport :slight_smile:


Great job! Yep, I remember those days too. :clap:

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Thanks Patricia :slight_smile: I still watch Bugs often, we have the entire 5 decades of Looney Tunes shorts on a hard drive!

The Birth of Bugs Venus. Have a great day everyone, smile and laugh! :slight_smile:


Very well done. Love it.

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Thanks so much Denise!!!

Oh, yes. Its really fun to see your presentation of famous painting. Nice idea.