Gettin sketchy - drawing along

Here is my bee from gettin sketchy 11/16. I was using white drawing paper with watercooor and too much water at that. But still enjoyed drawing along.

Beth / OriNebula
Edited to have the photo turned correctly- it was bugging me at 90degrees.


Nice! Here is mine. On watercolor paper and I did orange gouache as background. I think mine looks more like a yellow jacket.


Very nice job. Love it.

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I did it on 60 lb drawing paper as well and used too small of brush which is really evident in background. Botched the proportions on the bee abdomen/stinger and just kind of winged it, coloring in wings before adding background so a bit dicey there. Hobby Lobby $5 Gouache set, background and shadows are “Van Dyke Brown” and the Ultramarine Blue, Scarlet and Lemon Yellow were the other colors I used, not fancy.

I use a 12" proportional divider to get started once I have the image they post with a video and transfer from there smaller so I can fit more than one on a page if possible, if watercolor I use a Hobby Lobby watercolor book and tape the page into sketch book (usually over something that’s better not seen)

Trying to host on imgur here, I don’t know how to attach an image… Guessing ‘img’ bbcode:

Here are some others while I’m posting, not really worth a new topic, I tried to write the air date of the getting sketchy episode on each one, the cockatiel I did with line and wash (cheated with trace on the second one with watercolor) in addition to colored pencil but the line and wash one turned out a lot better, I the colored pencil one is taped under it and I forgot to get a pic of that --ETA: cockatiel cheap paper bleed, might have been vellum texture bristol now that I think on it).


here is mine - before I threw it in the trash!


Everybody’s art looks awesome! What canvas/paper did you use @junenez ? The fading shade of the background is cool!

pastel paper I ordered some colored pastel paper but of course - no orange! lol

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