Katie Mountain bike rider in pastel

This is my first pastel of 2020 which I was asked to do. It was a challenge as I normally just do animal portraits. Katie is an Enduro mountain bike rider who commissioned me to draw her on her bike. She loved it, so I can now relax.


Wow you are awesome…may I ask, how long does a piece like this take you from start to finish?

Hi RainFrances, I started this one in the New year. I’m not sat at it all day, it’s a few hours here and there when I can fit it in when I have the house to myself to listen to music and draw. It’s my time to relax, and the dogs chilling out on the sofa fast asleep. So in answer to your question about a month. Deb


That’s dedication Deb! I know what you mean, we have 3 dogs and 3 cats and I do my best artwork after they have breakfast, hubby still asleep and all of the pets snoring and quiet lol!

How could she not love it! It is a beautiful piece.

Thank you for your lovely comment. Deb

This is excellent. It is greatly done.

Thank you for compliment Denise. Deb

This is great! The rider and bicycle are so good, but I really love your background.

Thank you Lori,
In the original photo the background was a mass of leaves and Katie disappeared amongst them. So I decided to make the background brighter and not so precise to make Katie and her bike come forward with the most detail in. Deb

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The angle alone is difficult. You did a very good job on the painting.

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So good. It’s a very complete work and it’s attention to detail is excellent. Thanks for posting it!

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Just for a moment I thought it’s a photograph. You have captured the details so beautifully. The bike and the rider really pops out in the blurred background you have created.

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WOW! Hard to believe this was done in pastels… You’re great. I will be picking up my pastels or colored pencils again soon. But, have 2 pictures to paint for our 2 oldest granddaughters. Watched the lesson on how to paint waves. Blue is the color one likes so that is what I am going to try to do for her. Oldest one wants her chocolate lab done, she told me to pick the medium. I am thinking I will just paint it in oils. Got to have the picture enlarged so I can trace it on the canvas.

Thankyou again Lenora. This pastel was certainly a challenge not knowing all the bike parts. Fortunately my husband is a biker so I could check out some of the parts on his bike to give me an ideal on how to draw the parts I couldn’t see properly. Deb

This is stunning. It looks photographic.

Thankyou, I always aim to try and get my pictures to look real. Deb

This great! I love the attention to detail.

Thankyou for your comment. Deb