Mitsubishi C6120 Steam Engine

This drawing was inspired by Matt and Getting Sketchy. The reference image is from Pixabay and I used a grid to transfer the image to paper. I like a challenge, however, I had to look closely at the reference image - all those pipes!
The steam engine was originally built in Japan in 1949. The restoration work started in december 2009 and lasted for 18 months and cost about 3.3 million USD. It is one of 3 restored steam engines in use on this railway in Japan.


Sorry, I should have said that the drawing is 14 x 10 inches (36 x 25 centimetres)

I love this with all the details! Initially, I thought you had used a mixture of ink an charcoal dust to create the textures and values until you mentioned drawing. Great job…how long did it take you?

Thank you, yes, this is only graphite pencil, from 2H to 4B. I’m not sure how many hours, though I was working on this for at least 2 weeks.

You did a great job. I love it.

Hi Mike! I love this drawing. All the details are great, but my favorite part is the steam. Great job!


Hi Patricia,
Many thanks. It was the steam that stopped me doing anything like this. Then I watched Matt draw the train in the March episode of Gettin Sketchy that I decided to have a go - plus the steam hides all those big wheels!

Very good work, thanks for posting!

I love this subject and the time you put in shows . And very good transfering this using the grid. Not always an easy thing to do. I messed up a few doing this. Very well done