All Aboard! Pen and Ink Locomotive

This was way too detailed and caused me to procrastinate in completing it. It became more like “work” instead of “enjoyment”. I do struggle with including less of the details and trusting the viewers eyes to fill them in :slightly_frowning_face:
Anyway, my late father-in-law loved the old song “The Wabash Canonball”, so this was another gift for my husband.


I love this. Great job!

Thank you Denise. Glad you liked it!

Fantastic! I too have been working on a pen and ink steam locomotive…sort of…It too is way too detailed so I am procrastinating as well. I need to get back working on it. Beautiful work!

Thank you Dale. Keep at it and I will look forward to your finished product.


I love this. Great detail and wonderful atmosphere.


Thank you Patricia, glad you like it!


This is really nice. Blick is having a pen and ink contest this month. This would make a nice entry.

Hi Michael,

Glad you like it. I have never entered anything, but I might check it out just for the fun of it :wink:


Good information thanks for sharing

I really like it even if it took you a long time. It shows that you did. If I am not satisfied with something I am doing I tend to put it aside. But, once it is done, I never touch it again.

Thank you Lenora for the taking the time to view and comment on my locomotive. I will say that I am for the most part satisfied with the finished picture…and like yourself, once I call a work finished, I do not touch it again. The locomotive has found a home on my fireplace mantle along with the pictures I did of my in-laws who are both deceased. All gifts for my husband :wink:

Merry Christmas,


You are lucky to get your picture back. Some people don’t do that. I painted a picture for my BnL and told him ‘if’ he ever got tired of it I would want it back. With only one son, we have a bargaining tool. So I think one day it will be returned to me. LOL! Not that I could put it over our fireplace, it has a picture already there. I think I have something on every single wall in our home. And there isn’t anything I would want to take down or even put them someplace else (maybe in my office wall. It now does not have anything on the wall since we’ll be painting it soon and fill in the holes.
Lenora Andre (formerly lilnora)