More of my pastel portraits, other art

Character from Lord of the Rings or similar Movie.

Instagram @nicole2777 is where I post most of my art (hope that isn’t breaking rules)

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All of these are wonderful. Great job.

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Nice work. Beautiful work with the colors

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Thanks so much! I love color!


Thank you so much for all your feedback and encouragement. :smile:

Floral pastel I did last week

Abstract painting I finished

Personal piece

Didn’t have the gray markers.


I haven’t done this drawing yet, because I couldn’t get the reference image to print! I will go back and rewatch the video and try this challenge. I have all the supplies, so there’s no reason not to! Yours looks great!


bi-plane looks great. I just started a topic for the bi-plane so maybe we can all post there?

I love this with the blue and that you gave it a name! I posted mine under gettin sketchy biplane