Morgan Freeman in Acrylic

This is a portrait of of Morgan Freeman painted with acrylic paint on canvas. I intentionally painted only one half of his face to see whether someone can recognise him or not. I’ll love to know from you all.

I have given the link of the video too. Hope you’ll like it.


Oh yeah, It’s recognizable, no doubt! A very good painting!

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Thank you for appreciating the work. Have a nice day :blush::art:

Very nice! Did you see the Morgan in the latest issue of Colored Pencil Magazine?

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Thank you so much for your appreciation. Oh yes, I have seen. This is of another level.

Looks very good. I really enjoy the video showing how you paint it,

Lenora Andre

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Thanks a lot for appreciating my work. Glad you enjoyed my videos. Have a nice weekend.

Thank you! I hope you have a great weekend, too. How long does it take you to finish a picture? Do you do this in one sitting or how many? I have never tried to video when I am drawing or painting. I have to decide when I need to paint and let it dry before starting over again to add other colors. I try to save my oils (in a metal pan with a top) for the next time I start painting a section at a time. One of my issues when using mediums such as graphite or pastels is I bear down a lot. Sometimes I don’t remember that either is to lightly spray between layers of color with a light dusting of workable fixatives so they won’t get messed up. I hate having the colors drop off with a brush or pulling them off with an accident when I move them around or have them get smeared. My art teacher throughout my HS days always covered his pastels with a piece of wax paper, I guess that I should start this with my works.

Lenora André

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It usually takes around two to three hours for this type of portrait. But for a full-face portrait, it takes 5 to 8 hours, or even longer. I do take a break in every hour or so. I can’t sit for long ( my weakness)

I love to make videos while painting. It helps me rectify my faults later on. Moreover, it becomes a video portfolio of my paintings which I upload regularly on my youtube channel. You can try it too. It’s fun and people will love to see your creation in action.

I always prefer to paint in layers for my acrylic paintings. As I am a purely self-taught artist, it was difficult for me at the beginning. But later it becomes easier for me. Now I paint only with acrylic.

Acrylic dries faster. But I don’t use any medium or retarder. I spray only plain water with a mist spray bottle. For a break, I cover my leftover paints with a tight lid with some water spry.

I think you can try acrylic too if you are not trying it yet. It is more versatile and you can paint any subject you want, from abstract to realism.

We will love to see new creations from you. Keep painting. Good luck.

All phases are beautiful to watch. The becoming is as wonderful as the finished piece. Your videos are exceptional. Like the music as well. Thanks for sharing these moments.

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Thank you so much for your kind words. Nice to know that you liked my process. I tried another two similar portraits. It’s really a different experience for me painting a portrait in half.