This painting is called, Trust

This painting was inspired by the deep recession that resulted from the “housing bubble” bursting in 2008. Many lost their retirement savings and had to work beyond their intended retirement age.


Beautifully done, Ashley. Kind of reminds me of Magritte’s style.

Thank-you and as it happens, I am a huge fan of Magritte’s paintings.

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Very well done. I love this Ashley.

Wow this is fantastic I love it. As a beginner (with Acrylic not Oil) may I ask what brushes to use for fine detail? I struggle with even fine lines with the brushes I have let alone writing perfect numbers or letters.

Many Thanks

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for looking at my painting. For fine details I sometimes use small, flat or round, nylon watercolor brushes. They are too flexible to use with oil paint unless you use a medium to thin the paint some. You can use an acrylic medium to do the same.

Also, often I like to place a mark of color and then shape that mark into a detail using the color(s) around that mark (sneaky). I prefer this method of managing detail as it is more painterly. Letters and numbers are tedious for sure. Again, try using the color between letters to control those contours and stay patient.

Happy painting,


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Great painting! Looks very detailed.

Very interesting. Good work.

Thanks so much for your advice I really appreciate it !