My first still life in oil paints - VI Live Lesson

This is my very first attempt at oil painting. I have used acrylics in the past but are really different. I use water mixable oil paints. I wanted to practice before the new live lesson with oils starting tomorrow night March 15th (or I should say tonight)

Any suggestions from all the oil painters out there are welcome!!
Still life oil painting VI live lesson 3 15 2023


How do you like the water mixable oils? Ive always stayed away from oils because of the clean up. Loved to hear what you think :slightly_smiling_face:


I also stayed away from them for the same reason as well as the odors of the solvents. I have always painted with acrylics and decided to try these for that reason.

I have Neurological Lyme Disease so smells can really increase symptoms. I had no difficulty at all with these. The painting I did is still wet to the touch, so they stay wet for at least a few days, something that acrylics do not do.

From what I hear about oil paints, that they are buttery and thick, the ones I used are exactly that. I used Winsor-Newton water-mixable oils. I buy my supplies on Blick art material site. That is the best price I have found.

I plan to get use to using them as I liked them better than acrylics, even if they are different in so many ways, and I use Golden open acrylics. Besides that, they are less expensive than the acrylics I have been using. I would recommend trying them, clean-up is easy, the paint goes on smoothly and they mix well on the canvas, plus there are water-mixable mediums if you choose to use them.

They are also interchangeable with regular oils to a point, so they have their advantages. Picking up the primary colors brown, and white (blue and brown mix black) or a paynes gray and you have enough to try them out with.

There are at least 3 water- mixable oils live lessons, one is a sunset, one is of tomatoes, the other one is the one I did. It helped me to do these before trying to follow Ashley and Matt on the current live lesson. Also, the Oil Painting Master series in the courses.

I hope this helps. I am by no way an expert but do like to paint and enjoyed these.


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Thank you Teri!! Your info helped a bunch…i just might have to give yet another art medium a try :laughing: its alway good to talk to someone that actually uses them and can give great insight. Again a huge thank you!! :blush:

You are welcome Queeny107.

I look forward to hearing some of your insight too! Also seeing some of your oil painting projects!


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It helps soo much to bounce ideas, issues and solutions off each other. Already in a bit over a week ive had so much fun and enjoyment being a part of something, then you add in art!! Winner…Winner!!! Again a big Thanks :blush: Alice