Learning to work with oils - Tomatoes

I am working on getting a feel of how oils work, specifically water-mixable oils. I have been going through some of the older live lessons before starting the current lesson with Roscoe the French Bulldog lesson.

Here is how the Tomato drawing ended up and with the leftover paints I created the attached landscape. I made the brown in the tree by mixing all of the colors together so only the colors from the lesson were used.

Thank you for taking a look and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.


Tomatoes from live lesson




love them both! the red of the tomatoes is perfect. The landscape makes me want to grab a chair and sit and relax andlook at the beautiful sky!

Hi Teri, thank you so much for sharing your new works.
I know nothing about oil paintings but they strike me as fabulous. I have no knowledge or skills of oil paintings, so I cannot tell how technically good/bad these works are, but I admire the feelings that these paintings give to me. The tomatoes clearly show that they are there, they have a robust presence. It is interesting they exude so much sense of weight. As to the landscape, it is so atmospheric. I have been working on pen and ink works for the recent few years so tend to extremely details-oriented, but your landscape painting reminds me that simple art can be so eloquent. :cat: :smiley:

I love them both, Teri! I haven’t decided if it’s a medium I’m going to explore further. But, looking at your landscape especially makes me think maybe I should. I love the tree so much! Good job!



Thank you. I am really glad that have done this exercise before starting the live lesson.


Hello Maki,

Thank you so much for your kind words. Because I have Lyme Disease I have to go back and forth between detailed, which is more my personality, to just throwing some paint on a surface and see what happens. I usually have at least one of each going on. I have only used acrylics in the past, so I am enjoying the differences in the two mediums and their distinct characteristics.


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Hello Brenda,

Thank you so much. When I mixed all the colors together, I was so surprised the wonderful color of brown they made. Since you have the oils, it is worth having some fun with them.

Paints are really fun when you just want to do something loose and free out of your imagination, even if you have a couple references to stimulate your painting process.



Good advice, Teri! I’ll definitely play with the paints once the live lesson series is over. Maybe I’ll do some of Ashley’s oil class in the courses section of TVI.