Odourless and non-toxic alternatives for solvent

I saw in some videos about the oil based pencils that OMS were used.
Unfortunately, I am highly allergic to many chemicals and smells, so I don’t really dare to buy them, plus I am really clumsy sometimes and have a hyprractive kitten, so I will not bring toxic liquids into my home. I understand that I could just skip this part of drawing, but are there any non-toxic non-smelly alternatives that you know of? I only paint as a hobby, so it really doesn’t need to be archival or anything. Thanks!

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Hello @Jennilein I have found that Matt’s and Ashley’s approach is to expose everyone watching to as many methods as possible to do things. I’m assuming you are referring to oil based color pencils. The OMS is a way to blend, but based on your situation, I would just blend with many layers and burnish with a white or light color (any color would work with pressure, but darker colors may change value too much). Colorless blenders are wax based and may not mix well with oil based pencils.

Hope this helps.



Yes, that is what I meant. I saw that the website offers a cornucopia of methods and materials, but since oil and waxed based coloured pencils work slightly different I wasn’t sure the burnishing would work with pressure?!

Me too. I only use watercolor for that reason.

Mat and Ashley wants the students to learn about different aspects of art and well as different kinds of materials to use to create the art work. I have been with this site since 2013. Love it.


Wow, that is a long time, but from what I’ve seen you could really spend a lifetime on this site. Amazing how much there is to learn!

Wow, Denise! That’s so cool! During that time, did you develop your “style” and which media are your faves? I think I’ve added some of everything except traditional oils to my supplies. I haven’t used my water mixable oils for anything except “Roscoe” the French Bulldog yet. I do plan to experiment with them more. I love the finish of that painting especially after varnishing with a satin varnish. I’m addicted to making art I think!!!


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Very true. Mtt and Ashley are a great pair. I always learn from both of them.