Need Help regarding Oils

Hi Friends,
So I’m seriously thinking of getting into water soluble oils (blame that on seeall the amazing artwork you are all creating :wink:) but id like to know if anyone has used oil paper pads/ canvas paper pads for learning over say regular canvas. This would be a completely new medium for me so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance :grin: Alice

Hi Queeny! I haven’t created a lot with the water soluble oils, but I did test them on canvas paper and they worked well enough. I have also used them on a painting (underpainting done at this point) on a hardboard canvas and that also worked well. The hardboard canvas was one of those inexpensive ones you can find at a Dollar General or Michaels.
Hope you enjoy using those paints. I certainly did although now I have switched my focus to Soft Pastels (love! love! them).


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Hi. Yes I have, and the oil paper is a great way to practice and saves on space since canvasses can begin to accumulate rather quickly. I only use the water soluble oils since I own a bird so the attached was done with Cobra water solubles and oil paper.

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Thank you for the great info, my studio is small so i dont want the fumes or more cludder if i can help it with a lot of canvas.
Much appreciation and also awesome painting!! :blush:

Thank you so much for the info and imput, i greatly appreciate it :blush: