Can I use watercolour on acrylic/oil paper?

My mom bought a block of acrilic/oil paper for me thinking it was the same as watercolour paper and it was really expensive, so before returning it I wanna make sure I can’t use it. It is heavy(is that the way to say it?) 290gr/m², so that’s ok; but then it says it has linen texture and that it’s coated with something to help the absorption of oily materials and heavier paints, so obviously not watercolour but who knows, maybe that doesn’t matter. Can I use it anyways or should I return it? I also dont wanna make my mom feel like I’m not grateful for the money she spent on me and my art, but I guess she’ll understand.

Hi - water colour gives tonal variation by being absorbed into the paper. Your paper for acrylic is prepared so that the heavier materials will ‘stick’ rather than be absorbed. If water colour is your thing, exchange the paper.
Good luck