Watercolor paper

Hi… I am Sherry and new to this community and art! I recently signed up for the online classes. I started to use watercolors and acrylics but having a difficult time with the paper. I thought I purchased a decent watercolor paper for a beginner. It’s only 130lb. I did the bath thing and let it dry. But when I paint the paper bubbles up. I’m sure it’s the paper quality so, I am looking to purchase a decent paper and confused. Any advise would be so great!

Hi Sherry!

I think the minimum paper weight you should use for watercolor painting is 140 lb. Even then, some of the best papers may still buckle a little depending on how much water you use. If your painting is larger (over 12" by 10") I would suggest 300 lb. paper.

Everyone has a different opinion on the best watercolor paper, but Arches paper is definitely my favorite.


Tell me about it!! ha! I’m learning watercolors myself and you would think the paper would be the easiest! While still learning…yes! i use Arches and at least of 140, but love the 300#! I do prefer to wet the paper by dipping evenly for about 5 minutes and then stapling to a gatorboard.

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