Water soluble oil paints

Hello friends! Has anyone had any experience using Water Soluble Oil Paints (a.k.a. Water Mixable). I have no experience with oil paint (right now, I find them too expensive for my taste :wink:). My sister paints mostly in oils but has not experienced with the water soluble version. I have watched a few reviews on You Tube from established artists and, many of them, seem to like them. If you have tried these, what would be your pros and cons? (I know that Matt has done a few projects with the water soluble oils such as a White Rose, a Homeless man, a Cow and a few more.) I would be interested to know what your experience has been with these. THANKS!

I have used them a little bit. In terms of my preference for paintings they are half way between oils and acrylics. I have however found that they seem to take an incredibly long time to dry without any medium in them and stay tacky for quite a while. However a lot of this is probably due to the fact that I haven’t bothered investing in specific mediums for them, because I have my oils. They feel like oils when using them. Another consideration is that I don’t think they have different qualities and to be honest I don’t know whether they are designed to be on a level with the professional standard or amateur and student oil paints. The price is half way between the two, so not really sure if this makes it ‘cheaper than the artists oil’ or ‘more expensive than the student and amateur’ oil paints. If the latter then I would get the oil paint student and amateur versions tbh. All I can say is that their is a definite difference between these two levels in oils. Not sure if this helps?! :thinking::grinning:

Yes, it does help. I think, in my case, it is a happy medium (pun intended). They are a little more affordable and still offer a decent quality. What attracts me to these paints is that you do not need solvents to clean your brushes and you can actually thin them with water. I think my sister might also enjoy it because she has recently sold her house and will be moving into an apartment where using solvents might be unpleasant (open floor plan). Thanks for your input James.

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Yes using water makes everything easier and nicer in a closed space. I would definitely look at the mediums you can get though to speed drying or to thin etc etc if I were you. They make such a difference. Have fun! :grinning::+1::art:

The ones I have used are the Artisan ones, but just discovered that Georgian and Cobra are two other makes that do them now. And the Cobra ones say that they are an Artists quality with a higher pigmentation! Worth a consideration! :grinning:

Got some here FYI:
Cobra make:


Thank you so much for all the information James. I actually have a small set of Georgian ones and their colors provide amazing coverage. I will look into the mediums that are available for these. I don’t know when I will have time to try them on a real project (all kinds of health issues with my mom-in-law and husband keep me busy elsewhere right now - no, it’s not Covid - thank goodness). I will pass the information along to my sister. I am sure she will appreciate it.

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You are most welcome, hope you and your sister find time to use them! :grinning::+1:

I have used cooking oil to clean my oil paint brushes. I find that they come clean quicker and keeps the bristles a lot softer than paint thinners and a lot cheaper, too. You can then use water to clean the cooking oil out of them.
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Thanks for tip!


Many thanks for asking the question and for all the tips. My wife uses Artisan oil paint and it is just too expensive to import into Peru. I have found a source of Cobra paints and we will be checking those out.