Student vs Heavy Body Acrylics

Hi there, newbie here. I just got my first heavy bodied acrylic paints. Until now, I’ve been painting with student-grade acrylics. My question is, how much different will the painting experience be? For instance, I know they are different in terms of viscosity. Do I use more water or other medium to aid flow? Do they also dry as fast as the student-grade paints?
Are there any other differences to keep in mind?

I appreciate any advice you may have.

Thank you,

Hi Amanda, I used all professional grade acrylic paints on the last 18x24 painting I did and I really enjoyed it. I found they did not dry as quickly, they had better pigment, smoother application and looked more professional, less chalky than the student brands -I wish I never started with student brands but wasn’t sure if I was going to stay with this hobby :slight_smile: I did use Liquitex SlowDry fluid medium when needed.

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Thanks Minerva! I am loving my Liquitex heavy bodied acrylics so far. I am definitely using less paint, and you’re right, they do dry a bit slower.