ZORN palette experiment with Acrylic

My first ever experiment with the ZORN palette. I am using Black, Scarlet Lake, Yellow Ochre, and Titanium White for this Acrylic painting of Dwayne Johnson, The Rock. The beginning was quite challenging for me to restrict myself within those limited palettes. But somehow I able to finish it. It was a very pleasing learning experience. It’s a small painting of 10 x 12 inches in size.


WOW! Impressive! Only time I have ever used Acrylics was about 50 years ago while in art school. I hated it and I’ve never tried it again. At that time they were very unforgiving and dried way too fast. Thanks for the time-lapsed video. That really makes me want to try it (again); but in oils or maybe even with watercolors.

I’m also impressed with how little paints you put on your palette. I think I put too much oils on my palette and that might be the reason ‘get way more paint on me than on the canvas’. According to my sons and husband.

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Thank you so much for your compliment. Acrylic is still a fast drying medium as long as you don’t use any kind of retarder. You can try open acrylics for its natural slow drying nature. I love to paint with acrylic because of its fast drying nature. You can add as many layers to correct any mistakes. I used to paint with oil 15 years ago, but now I have completely shifted to acrylics only. Now its my favorite medium.