Oil Portrait in progress -- Finished!

I am working on my first oil portrait. It is making me a nervous wreck, but I am trying to keep going. I did my first underpainting:

I thought it was so good! LOL! Well, someone said something about finishing the underpainting. I thought i WAS finished. So, I played around with it some more and I am shocked at how it has improved.

In the first layer, I used burnt umber and titanium white with solvent and medium. In the second layer, I just used burnt umber and titanium white with no solvent or medium. After this layer dries, I will start with color. I know it is not as good as it could be, but I need to get through with this first one and just get used to the paint. I think… We will see.

Finished! I can’t take it anymore. I want to work on something else. Warms, cools, fat over lean, etc. It is making me crazy. LOL! Actually, I like it. I am done and I know it is not great, but I think it is pretty nifty. My first. Now onto my second and maybe I have learned something from this one.


I love the progression. I have no doubt that it will be another one of your successful pieces. Great job Ginny. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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This painting will come out beautifully. The expression of eyes is already lively. The shadings in monotone is going really well. Waiting for the final outcome. Good luck.

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I am finished, finally!

I have not worked with oil, but I see you you did a great first and no doubt will get better. Congrats for having the nerve to start! Sometimes that seems to be what stops some of us. Keep it up!

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You are not kidding that it takes nerve. I think this art stuff is going to be the death of me. LOL! A good way to go, eh?

Well, not exactly what i meant, but if i was to go from Matt’s critiques…i can see you have soo much potential and i am but a novice. I’ve never done oil and hope to.

Lovely!:heart::clap::clap::clap: I am fascinated as well as terrified by oils!

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