Oil Painting in progress

Here is a progress shot of an oil painting I am working on at the moment, using classical techniques. Underpainting, Grisaille, first painting etc. First time of working with these techniques. Taking lots of patience, but getting there. Pics only iPad pics so not great, but you get the idea.


Nice , the cool tones are really working in your composition.

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Really interesting to follow your process. You have certainly created a lovely picture with plenty of room for interpretation. Personally, I prefer the one to the left with the warm, brownish glace.

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Curious? How long have you been working on this project to get it to this stage of development? I am not a trained professional. I started studying art on my own after retirement. I have read that working in oils takes time and patience - months. I’m not brave enough to work in oils. This is very impressive.

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Thanks for you comments everyone.

@jsteffey I started on this months ago, but this is mainly as my wife and I had our first child this year, so I haven’t had as much time to work on it and I have also been working on other things. I am also an amateur artist and work 5days a week all day.

Time put into the piece itself is a bit easier. About 4hrs into the underpainting, another 4-5 on the Grisaille and two sessions of about 3hrs on the 1st colour painting. Plus 1hr or so on the background.

I intend to do a 2nd and perhaps a 3rd painting on top and potentially may end up applying some glazes too.

I am pleased with my progress so far, but I want to achieve a warmer feel to her flesh tones. I almost regret doing the cooler background this early on tbh, before I was happy with the flesh tones. She felt warmer before the blue background.

I have always enjoyed oils, but I was very much painting Alla Prima finding my own way. Now I am self studying the classical techniques really carefully via VI and other you tubers I follow and trying to put into practice the techniques. Things have got harder, in terms of my practice as a result, because I am aiming for a specific result and it isn’t easy. I just try and practice when I can and feel pleased when I feel something has sunk in! :grinning:

I would say the hardest thing for me at the moment is colour mixing and recreating a colour I previously mixed.

Give oils a try! Much easier than Acrylics in my opinion, especially for figurative work. More time before it all drys on you! :grinning:

Very good! If this is your progression, you certainly have made some great adjustments over your work. I would hang this in my home. Thank you for posting!

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Thank you Jack! As long as I improve something or learn something with every piece I do, I am happy. :grinning: Even if it’s how not to do something! Lol

Amazing! I envy your tenacity and patience. I have yet to try oils. I am afraid I am too much of a “control freak” for paints, however, I do like to mix them with other mediums like ink.
Thank you for sharing…maybe one day I will get brave enough to give oils a try…you are an inspiration.

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I feel the same, James!

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Thank you very much for your kind words. Go for it! Oils are great fun! :grinning: