My mate in graphite

Though my recent tiny fruit and gorilla sketch were quick, light hearted fun, I did spend around 6 or 7 hours on this, and it’s my first portrait (barring the ones in the 25 days to better drawing course).

It’s of my best friend, and it looks ‘similar’ to him, but wouldn’t wash in an identity parade…

I was really pleased with 1. the time I was able to spend on it, intent on making it as good as I could 2. what I learned as I went regarding accuracy and value. I couldn’t get rid of the grid lines, however, which was a totally different lesson!

It struck me that, on some drawings, I’m convincing myself that accuracy isn’t the be all and end all. Yet, on a portrait of someone I know really well, it’s absolutely crucial in my mind that I capture ‘them’, whatever that means.

It seems like a bit of a paradox, but certainly one I can live with.

(the other thing I learned is that, at this scale, I don’t have to actually define each and every tooth…)

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If I might be SO bold as to throw out my beginner thoughts… I THINK that until you CAN reliably draw accurately – accuracy is Extremely important for all artists.

but then, once you gain the ability to fluently draw accurately its not the end of the artistic journey and there are other horizons of style and skill to explore.

this is a great Drawing! ty for sharing it.

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Amazing graphite sketch :heart_eyes:

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The thing is nobody here knows what your friend looks like. What we can see is this has required a lot of time and effort. The clothing is great and he looks like a great many people we may or may not know personally. So congratulations!


Thanks Biddy - that means a lot!