New pencil drawing - Grave Monument

I’m using a photo that I took in my local Cemetery, Glasnevin Cemetery, established in 1832. It’s a fascinating place to visit and highly recommended if you’re ever in Ireland.

The angel in the reference looks a lot more female than my version. I’ve decided to stop playing with the face for now as I might make a hole in the paper before long.


You’re certainly off to a great start! I will show this and your progress to my husband who loves to visit cemeteries to get a sense of the history of a place. Really old cemeteries have so many stories to tell. I look forward to your progress! And I understand completely about the face and working a hole into the paper! Faces are hard for me.


I love this! What a fascinating subject. And I think we can relate to working a hole into the paper! looking forward to seeing the finished piece

Hi Jane - What an interesting subject, and you’re doing so well with all that detail. I’m looking forward to seeing this one progress. (One of the reason I like to use 300# watercolor paper for so many projects is that it is pretty forgiving with that extra weight. I can abuse it a lot more before there is an actual hole. And believe me, I often struggle and abuse my paper in the process.)

Terri Robichon

You started out very well. Can’t wait for the finished work.

Mostly done. There are a few areas that I want to darken up to add more contrast.


This is amazing, Jane!! So detailed. I really love it.



This is a beautifully executed drawing showing great control of the medium. Well done!


Thank you @Brenda , thank you @TLP and everyone else for your kind words. I’d been looking at this photo since I took it in August and trying to decide which medium to go with, I may go at it again in the future.

I’ve attached the original uncropped photo. I worked off a cropped photo made b&w.

Hello @janed great job. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this one. If you did add more contrast it would go to an astonishing level. But when is enough. If you had 7 values, tried to add more and developed 12 values, you could look at that and decide to expand more, probably. So much detail. I love the drawing. After seeing the photo, a suggestion for trying a different medium may be give the Derwent Graphitint pencils a try. If you have not used them, they are tinted graphite that act like water color pencils. Tones are a little muted compared to water color pencils or even color pencils. But considering the subject and reference photo, i think that would produce an awsome rendition. Just a thought. Really love your attention to detail though.


Hi Lenet,
Thanks for your encouragement. I do have the Graphitint and I haven’t considered using them for this. I might just give that a try!

Wow. Look at the detail in that. Great job. Look forward to seeing it finished

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