Oil pastel not blending

I’m trying my first oil pastel background and I cannot get things to blend. I’ve tried fingers, chamois, and blending stubs. Instead of blending the colors together, all methods are removing the color making it look blotchy.
What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure of this, but to me the oil pastels are a more defining medium not to use as a background unless you are doing the entire picture in oil pastels, either it is all oil pastels or as a highlighted area over soft or hard pastels. I don’t really know if they can be blended. I think you probably need to lighten up on your application (touch) of the colors when working with oils pastels or let the background dry. It’s been quite a while since I have worked with that medium. But I know I never attempted to take them off. But, what do I know? LOL!!!

Oh, when working with any type of oil medium (oil paints, soft, hard, and oil pastels). I always were snug-fitting gloves because the mediums can be bad for you. I use the non-latex gloves because they are easier to put on. You can buy them at a place like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or any art supply house such as Jerry’s Artarama or Dick Blick,