Skin tones in oil pastels

I was wondering how to get the right skin tones using oil pastels. Mixing them seems to be not working for me, what am I doing wrong?

How do you get soft/hard pastels to stick to the paper when you are drawing. I will leave my drawing board flat with the drawing being flat, and when I wake up in the morning, most of the pastel has gone to different location. I watch you and you can accomplish this feat, and I am talking about not using a pastel fixative or a blending stump very much? Thank you, Matt (I love your classes and attempting to make art with all the different mediums.) Anne

I hope you find an answer, that would be helpful for me to figure it out too!

I sometimes (when I think of it) use a very fine ‘fixative’ sprayed standing about at arm lengths away. That way it doesn’t (usually) fix the pastels so they would not be able to change them. I also use a brush between drawing sessions as I draw (several times to take off the excess pastel medium). I find that I can use the same colors if I end up brushing too much off. But I would suggest taking a piece of the same drawing pad and do this several times to get the right distance for you from the paper. Hope this helps you. Lilnora (“Lenora”)

Buy two or three of the flesh tones in oil paints. I haven’t found any mixture of any of the colors that I can mix and get it correct. I am sure that Matt would have suggestions. A dark and light tone or three flesh tones. I do this with olive green as well. Saves a lot of time and isn’t as frustrating. Lilnora (“Lenora”)