Okra leaves in watercolor

Line and watercolor. It started out as Okra leaves but kind of diverged from the correct pattern. Considering where I wanted to go with this one and where it wound up, I consider this painting a failure but it was fun and I learned a little so the experience was a success. Wanted to show an image that didn’t work out.



Very beautiful. Love it.

I love it. I know we are all very critical of our own work and see the flaws that 99% most wont see, but I think it’s great

Many artist judge their work from the negative side. So on a scale of one to 10 they might rate one of their works backward from 10 as being a -4.
While other viewers tend to view it from the positive side and would see it as a +6. It is the same point on the scale just a different viewpoint.

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I wish it would be a pattern for fabric. Love the colors

You could dye the fabric…might be fun

You did a beautiful job on this. Don’t be so hard on yourself.