One of my first Projects: Ellie

This drawing of my wife’s favorite kitty Ellie (who unfortunately died during the pandemic) was made just a few weeks after I became a member.

I like the eyes. I feel like they capture her expression quite well.

In all things I struggle with patience. At four hours, this is by far the most time I have given to any project I have worked on to date.


Should have mentioned I am a new member, new artist. All comments are welcome.

Hi Brett! Welcome to our wonderful forum. I too struggle with patience. Those four hours were really well spent. This kitty looks fabulous. Looking at it, it looks like one of those cats that melts your heart without even having to blink! Well done.

Welcome. You did a great job.

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Welcome to the forum.
Lovely rendering of your kitty, so sorry she’s gone.
What medium and paper size did you use?


This is amazing. Looks like drawing came back to you really quick. Lovely drawing, your wife must be so pleased.


Thanks for the encouragement Teri.

I think she was pleased with the result.

Thank you. This is strathmore sketch paper.

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Thank you Patricia.

I guess all cats have their charm don’t they?

Thank you Denise. I appreciate the support.

That is true. Cats have a way of enchanting many of us… just by being cats.

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This is wonderful, but it it’s very sad she isn’t around anymore. Patience will come, that’s also a think that takes practice.

This is great! I too struggle with patience. Hopefully as you do more work like this you will feel more comfortable taking whatever time you need in order to produce what you are happy with. Some will take long and others will finish faster. This shows the time you spent is well worth it.
Also, welcome to this great community. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Wonderful! I would say that was an excellent use of your 4 hours. So much of Ellie’s personality comes thru

Worth it! Cats have this wonderful way of looking into your soul. You got it.