One of the things that I hate

is cleaning and organizing my studio space and then I can’t find anything! Argghh!

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I don’t try organizing my work space anymore.
I can’t find it anymore.
I just bought a tabletop easel. It has a space in it for my watercolors and some pens and pencils. I will just use that.
I do have my room organized so I can watch the live lesson every week.

Something happens with m all the time.

I feel your pain. My studio looks like a junkyard. Today I just had to let loose and cry. Too much “stuff” in there and I cannot find anything. Trying to paint a picture for my son and his wife. My studio has become a dumping spot for everyone in my household. Told husband he needed to just bring my easel out on the carport with the painting on it. He did that, but before I can paint, I will have to put paper under it because I am so messy. Family swears that I get more paint on myself than on the canvas. True remark, I would love to have someone tell me how to stop being so messy. I use gloves when I paint or draw and I have used cooking oil (much better than using paint thinner or remover) to remove the paint from me, then take a shower to get the oil off my body. LOL!!!