Our Cracker "CrackHead"

Our Jack-Rat Terrier

This is our JRT/Rat Terrier - who is totally spoiled by the entire family. She has the long legs of a Rat Terrier and the sweet face of a JRT. If she could talk “Humanize” we’d never get a word in edgewise. She is pretty hyper until we tell her to ‘get in your bed’. She seems to know what exactly we’re doing. To get her in her crate at night all Louis has to do is ‘turn off the TV at night’. She seems to miss whichever one of us isn’t around and she’ll whine and look out the window or stand by the door. She knows when 5:00 PM comes around and will stand by the door and wait for her “Dada” is about to drive up.



This is fabulous. I love it.

Thank you, Denise, for the kind words.