Pen and ink Charlie the squirrel

Some one trained this squirrel to come to the door. We noticed how tame he was so we started to feed him.I was able to take a few pictures of him. Feeded him wasn’t a good move. He tried to break through the screen on the back door and enter the house. I guess we weren’t quick enough providing him with food. We named him Charlie. Betty.


Very cute. I think you mastered pen and ink.

Hi Denise Glad you enjoyed the Charlie Pics. Betty

There are so cute. We have a lot of fox squirrels. They’re a lot bigger than the gray ‘city squirrels’. They come in the most gorgeous colors. Tell Charlie ‘hi’ from our ‘country squirrels’. We have seen a black one with white tips on his ears and paws and a gray & black one (almost white). I got ‘bitten’ by a squirrel when I was about 4- or 5-years old. That hurt because they have retracing teeth.

Glad you enjoyed Charlie’s picture. He was a cute pest. A new neighbor shot him. Betty