Pen and White ink bird - You Tube Lesson

I tackled the pen and white ink bird from the latest You Tube lesson. I’m mostly happy with the outcome.

My main issue is with the two white Posca pens that I have, they’ve never been right since day 1. The paint is like water, one day I might replace them. It actually turned me off using Posca. I have two black Poscas which are perfectly fine.


I love that Jane! Birds happen to be one of my passions. There are feral cats in our neighborhood, so I haven’t filled my bird feeders for a year now. I really miss the birds in my yard and enjoy venturing to parks and bird hot spots to indulge myself.

I think you did an absolutely amazing job here with what I’m thinking is a chickadee. Just beautiful details. I love the little clumps of snow too.

I have black and white Poscas that came as a set. They all seem to be fine. I’m not a huge fan of Poscas, but they do seem to fill a need. My granddaughter loves Poscas.


Thanks Brenda, I had no idea what kind of bird it was, I thought it might have been a Coal-tit but it didn’t seem right. I don’t think that we have Chickadee’s in Europe.

It looks like a Carolina Chickadee or Black-capped Chickadee, both birds found in the US. It’s nearly impossible to tell them apart.


Oh that’s lovely! I also have a love hate relationship with posca markers

Well, it’s neither of the birds I suggested. Those both have little black bibs under their chins. It’s hard to know exactly what it is. LOL! If Terri Robichon gives a look, she might know.