Printers, what’s your preference?

Hello everyone, hope we are all well?

I’m finding my printer rubbish at, well printing ! I like to print off the reference images but my printer is just not capturing the colours correctly, On ordinary paper or photo paper. I also want to start printing some of the images I have taken.

It can’t be too expensive and I’m wondering if a laser printer would be any better.

I’d love to know what make, model you would recommend.


What printers do

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I would like to know too. When I print out the reference photos the turn out awful too.

I hope that someone else responds!!


I have a Canon inkjet “pixma” printer. The kind that uses ink tanks. What I have found on my printer is the quality on plan paper is not good. for doing art from. When I use glossy photo paper the colors usually come out looking as expected. I’m not necessarily recommending this printer though. It often seems to need head cleaning which uses up a lot of ink. But at least the ink is relatively cheap. I would also be interested to hear if anyone uses a laser printer any more successfully.

Laser printers are pretty good from my experience with it.

Hi Quatre Bougie-
My personal choice in printers are those made by Epson. My printer needs are greater than for most people because I do a lot of Digital Scrapbooking and the individual pages are 12" x 12". For that reason I need what is called a wide format printer. The exact printer I have right now is an Epson SureColor P700 13" Photo Printer. This allows me to use paper that is up to 13" x 19". This is actually the third SureColor printer that I’ve owned because I have literally worn the others out and it is cheeper to buy new than try to repair them. This may be above your price point, but check out Epson to see if they have something that suits your needs. By the way, sometimes I buy my printing supplies directly from Epson, but have been buying them from B & H Photo also. Epson is often out of stock on the ink cartridges.

One last thing, when I’m not using glossy photo paper (which I only use for photographs) I often use what is called “presentation paper Matte” in the regular thickness. The ULTRA presentation paper Matte is thicker and more expensive so I only use that occasionally. The color quality with the presentation paper is incredible. So if you look at Epson printers, you should also look at which papers you can use with it.

Terri Robichon

Thank you, great idea reference the presentation paper. I will look into it.

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So, I bought an Epson ecotank 2820. My art teacher uses this one and I love how her photos come out.
I set it up today, via the app, easy peasy!

It’s printed out some photos I wanted on cheap Action brand photo paper. I will keep the expensive photo paper I have for other stuff.

I chose this printer as the ink lasts ages and it means I can print the ebooks without worrying the ink will run out.