Prismacolor premier cost

Why does what seems like the same 150 set of premier color pencils sell for $119.00 and $89.00. Approx on Amazon. Is it the box vs tin ?

Tom. I believe that the tin version is sometimes more expensive, but you have to remember that there are many vendors on Amazon. Some ask top dollar and others not. So, I would say be careful in selecting your set because the lower price sometimes comes from vendors that may not deliver… but the same could be said for the top dollar ones. Check the ratings. Try to get one that is Amazon’s choice. May I ask why you are looking at a set of 150? I believe that 48, may be 60 would be all that one needs, no? Of course, that is a personal choice. It’s always nice to have more options so with 150 you are sure to get the colors you want.


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I guess people buy large set one reason is , each piece is cheaper. It will save money if you used up one color and refill individual one.

For many years I believed that more is better. I finally realized that it is not how many colors I have but how I use them. If they just sit in the box there’s no advantage.

One thing that is missing from the smaller sets are all the cool and warm gray pencils that seem to be used a lot. Of course you can augment them individually but it could be a consideration.

Quite true about the grays. After I bought my 36 pencil set, I bought grays individually. (I was lucky enough to visit a store that had a sale on their individual pencils).

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts ,I do have a small set ( 24 )of Prismacolor and also added a few extra loose Gray pencils shades from a retail store.

I bought a tin of 150 pencils from Jerry’s Artarama. I know they did not cost $199 and I don’t think they were either the $89 price. They have great supplies and you can find sales on a lot of things. They have different, sections all in one type or another. $$$ from lower to higher in price and a just for several Mediums. Maybe you can try this site for supplies. i think they have a lot more than Dick Blick, but check both sites. Lenora (ArtistLittleNora)