Reference photos for artists

Most of us are familiar with Pixabay or Unsplash as a good source of royalty/copyright free photos. But did you know that there are a few groups on Facebook dedicated to artists? Free Reference Photos for Artists and Landscape Reference Photos for Artists are two such groups. Many artists (hobbyists and advanced level artists alike) use these photos taken offered by the members. In fact, many of the members who offer such photos are artists themselves. These groups monitor the contributions and request that anyone posting a photo add something like “I took this photo and you may use it for your art” or other equivalent statement. From what I can see, the artists who use the photographs to create paintings and drawings will post this in the group, thank and credit the contributing photographer. Check it out.
Patricia “Sterlingsiam”

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Thanks for the information. I will definitely take a look.

Terri Robichon