Use of the published paintings

I am going to be entering our state fair at the end of the year and I am cautious about using art work (or copies thereof) produced by others. If I have created a painting through the use of these lessons, can that art work be honestly entered as an original work of art by me?

Be very careful, ask for permission to be able to use their Image even though your painting is by you. I’ve recently had a problem with someone who thought they had bought an image of their animal for me to draw a portrait to finding that the photographer still owned the copywrite. The photographer was quite happy for me to show my drawing but, acknowledge her as the photographer. Good luck

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have encountered this situation as you described in the past, but I am curious if Matt allows art work completed as a result of his classes can be used in a show. I presume he would be the only individual that would object :<)

You will have to ask Matt that one.

Yes, you have to be very careful as to regards of copyright. Actually, I am surprised that Matt has not got a section here where members can donate their own photographs to be used copyright free. There are art sites that do, being one which have been a member of now for about 20 years.

Thank you for taking time to reply.

Some say it is okay to paint or draw a picture from a photo. Some would say that you don’t have permission to do so - if you copy the actual original picture (in the same medium) and show it by putting your name on it. could be infringing on a Copywrite. I have an artist friend who really is protective of her work and got really upset when she saw a drawing on another drawing-class online. The instructor had cut her name off, did some ‘cutting & pasting’, and signed it as if it was his own. She had filed for a Copywrite for her work. I think she told him why she was upset and she expected him to ‘take it down’.

A well-known artist in this area told me that someone put a copy of his actual logo on T-shirts. He had the people running the show make the person take everything off the marketplace. I think that he had to pay the artist for the pieces he had sold and he had to destroy the rest of the T-Shirts. He had used the copy for the T-shirt because the man had cut off his signature to put the picture on the T-shirts. He doesn’t ever use other copies and takes his own photographs. I use a lot of pictures from National Geographic as a great place to find ‘subjects’. But when I also saw another artist used a picture I had drawn and put his name on it I got pretty angry. It wasn’t done ‘from’ my copy of my own piece, it was actually the picture because I had posted there earlier. I found the one I had drawn and signed it. It was definitely the same picture. I copied both and compared them together. I did not like it and I also got off that site shortly after she did. My friend and I actually met on this online class and she told me how it was done to her. We had gotten into a real argument about what is considered infringing on the Copywrite of her work. I then understood what she saying. I really don’t know but I am sure that Matt could answer this. It is a slippery slope. That is really something you should as Matt about.

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