Learning by Imitation

So, I’m new, and I’ve done some drawing this past year following Mark Kistler’s books. He mostly teaches by imitation. I’m in the trial and plan on continuing.
I’m beginning the secrets to drawing, some of the concepts are not new to me, some are. But I began my learning to draw by following drawing instructions (for specific things)

Is any of that in the course, or are these just general, then we pick our own subject matter? I have looked at a lot of teachers, and I like this guy (in secrets of drawings) pace and info.

Here is something I’ve drawn choosing my own subject:

any critique or suggestions?


Hi justaguy. Welcome to the community forum. I’ve never watched “The Secrets to Drawing” so unfortunately, I can’t give you feedback on the content in that course.

I’ve been a member of The Virtual Instructor for 1-1/2 years now and can confirm that Matt is an extremely good teacher. If you haven’t already, I suggest you check out the weekly CRITIQUE (also called the Member’s Minute). It is found under the “community tab”. I make it a point to watch it sometime every week because I learn so much there. You might also like the Live Lessons (which you can watch when they are LIVE, or the recorded versions when it fits your schedule). They all start with the “drawing” and then proceeds to project completion using various media and techniques. Several members of this forum post their progress in the Live lesson series here, so you can see what other members are doing.

Once again WELCOME. I like what you’ve done with your drawing of the shoe. Keep posting.

Terri Robichon

Yes. Look t the courses and you will find lots of drawing ones, painting ones., all on different mediums. Also The live lessons, which you can watch the recorded version,which is the same if you can’t watch it live.

Hi there @justaguyNtn ! Welcome to the Virtual Instructor forums! Awesome shoe! I also learn by imitation, and my method for drawing sometimes involves starting with base shapes. Can’t wait to see what else you share! Jesus loves you!!!