Roca (graphite on paper)

A while ago I asked advice on how to do white hairs on graphite drawings (thanks again to those who replied!). Eventually I decided to use my Tombow pencil eraser for the whiskers and I think it worked out all right.

This is Roca, one of our cats. Sadly, she died at the beginning of this year of kidney failure, and ever since I’ve been wanting to honour her life with a piece of art.

Graphite pencil on paper. With thanks to Matt for his realistic pencil drawing course. After finishing the falcon, I felt confident enough to try this project of my own.


I think you did a great job with this portrait. Love the whiskers. We have had cats for many years. Many have passed and all are missed. We have two rights now. One girl, 9 years old and one (big) boy, 7 years old. I hope I will improve enough to do their portraits soon.



I also think you did a great job. I really like the composition and angle that Roco is looking. I am sorry for the loss of your cat.

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Fabulous job. Wonderful.

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I think you did a fabulous job.

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Great - a beautiful look, so alive. In my opinion it’s a beautiful honour of her life. :yellow_heart:
The whiskers come out very well.

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