Serata in Cucina

This little drawing made me think of an Italian country kitchen as the sun was setting and slanting through the windows. So, I decided to name it “Evening in the Kitchen” in Italian.

I went to Publix the other day and as I was wandering around the produce section looking at all the little lovelies, I saw those tomatoes. I chose some particularly pretty ones and carefully took them to the cash register. I asked the cashier to be very careful, because I wanted them to stay attached to the vine. She laughed and turned to hand them to the bagger. I turned to the bagger and said to be careful because they were going to be in a still life painting. Suddenly his face got very serious and he handled them like they were gold. He wrapped them and placed them on the cart out of reach of the other groceries. He didn’t even ask me, he just automatically took my groceries out to the car for me. When we got to the car, he carefully lifted the bag with the tomatoes and handed them to me. I appreciated his appreciation for art.

I got home, set up a couple of still lifes, took photos, and took the tomatoes to the kitchen. Tonight I ate one. It was good.

The pitcher is one that Ron has had since before we were married. It is pewter and very heavy. It has sentimental value for Ron. Well, really for both of us, now.

This drawing was an experiment. I loved how the Trees turned out so much that I wanted to try other things. I like it. I like it a lot. I think I am going to do this style with lots of stuff. Fun, fun, fun!

Serata in Cucina is colored pencils and sharpie on 8×8 brown craft paper.

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Lovely Ginny,

You really have developed a style of your own. I really appreciate and would like to develop an abstract style. After I get better with stippling with colored ink.

Maybe I will find an abstract style with ink! Your style is inspiring me.


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This is great Ginny. I love it.

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Teri, I think you do have a style with your stippling. That could be a very beautiful abstract style. It lends itself to all kinds of wonderful things.

Thank you, Ginny,

that is encouraging to me.


Love love love! Your abstract style is so appealing. Keep going with this please! Also so enjoyed your story of the grocery store.

Ginny -
This is very creative and done so well. But what really makes it special is the story that you tell to go along with the drawing. Just loved it all.

Terri Robichon

Wow Ginny!! You have certainly found your style. Isn’t it great when your art looks like it does in your head?