Soft pastel Still life

Hello everyone,
I’m coming with a new paiting. It is a composition of children’s toys.
This is probably the most difficult painting I was able to paint. For clarification, this pink thing is a plastic bottle in the shape of a light bulb :smiley:
I’m not sure it’s clear… :smiley: I illuminated the whole composition very closely with a lamp. That’s why the lights can be seen in the bottle. I felt I had to explain it :smiley: ha ha ha The most difficult thing was the amount of different textures, I did my best to pull it off. I hope you like it, feel free to critique :wink:


Hi Argel! Wow! There are some real challenges in this still life! Some of those reflective surfaces! :scream: I really like the silver chicken(?) and the brown chipmunk on the left. I feel like my eye is drawn to the bulb, down to the chicken, left to the chipmunk and then follows the letters back to centre bulb, I think. So I feel like the structure works nicely. Great job! :grinning::+1: What pastels have you used?

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Love all the colors and textures you created here. Wonderfully done

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I think it is fantastic! I love it.

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Thank you for your comment. I used different pastel brands, Mungyo, Rembrandt, Faber Castell . I’m glad you like the composition, I thought it was the weakest point of this painting :wink:

Thank you very much, I tried my best to show the texture. :wink:

Thank youb Denise :heart_eyes:, this is my own composition, the mouse has been with me since childhood, I had to paint it :slightly_smiling_face:

very ambitious work,nicely done. interesting subjects fun to look at . I also like your lemon drawing, to do that size ,i cannot imagine the attention to detail and focus. thanks for telling us a little about the process ,i appreciate any opportunity to learn . I LIKE tom

I think it is a wonderful piece. Very personal and I can see historical family value more so in years to come.

Well done, I especially appreciate the complexity and consistency of the lights and shadows. With so many items it can be easy to get lost in the directions. This is a beautiful painting.