Some of my recent pastel works

The first one is an imaginary scene.
For the second and the third one. I used reference photos which I shared in this forum before.

Recently, I have been working mainly on pen-drawings, but the ink of my ballpoint pen ran out while I was drawing many black cats :sweat_smile:…so i went back to pastel drawing while waiting for my ballpoint pens to arrive. Had a good time enjoying colourful world again :upside_down_face:


Hi Maki,

Wonderful paintings, all of them - love the colors. Btw I read your profile text, and I understand you are a film producer. Can your films be seen on Youtube or somewhere else?

Best regards
Anna Maria

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Hi Anna Maria

Thank you for your kind comment. Glad to know you like the works!

Also, thank you for your question about my films. Yes, I have my works uploaded on YouTube and Vimeo, but the majority of them are still not open to the public, i.e. they are open only to those who know the exact url, which is because some film festivals do not allow the works to be open to the public while they are reviewing them. So if you’re interested in looking at them, please check the following links(from new to old):

1.the sea of kahya:

  1. the curse of good-girl syndrome
  1. a worm who loves winter
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Thanks for allowing me to see your film productions, Maki. I really enjoyed watching them. Not only are you a gifted visual artist, but also a really creative storyteller and indeed a very poetic one. I really hope for you that your productions will be awarded some well deserved prices. Have a great day! :sun_with_face::blush::wave:

Best regards,
Anna Maria

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I really enjoyed looking at all of these. Lovely work.

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Thank you for your kind comment, AnnaMaria, a short film production has a different type of fun compared to drawing still images. For all these animated works, I started from music selection and developed the contents so that I could visualize the music. I very much love this unique challenge and right now I am working on a new film, and enjoying this challenge again. This time, I need to develop my pen-drawing skills to prepare all the scenes used for the film, so it is taking a lot more time for production, compared to my previous works. Three months is the longest production period so far, but the new work will exceed this record…:sweat_smile:

Thank you for your warm feedback Denise! :blush: