Spam or real message from VI?

After commenting in a forum discussion I got two emails: one from “system via the Artist’s community by the Virtual Instructor” telling me I have reached a new trust level and the other from Discobot via the artist’s community inviting me to find out more about advanced features. These look phishy to me. Anyone else get them?

No I did not not get them

Did it say something like this @TeresaC ? Jesus loves you!!!
Reply to this message with @discobot start advanced tutorial to find out more about what you can do.

Hi Teresa,
The first message seems genuine to me. I got some when I first joined the Forum. Everytime you pass a certain level (such as several postings, comments, or likes) you reach a certain status in the statistics of the forum. This gives you an additional “trust level” in the forum. I never received the second one. My suggestion would be to send this directly to Matt (via the Site Feedback or E-mail) to find out if he is aware of this message.

Hi Teresa. I found the information about Discobot. It is legitimate and it is the tool that is used for the Forum. It is an invitation to participate in discussions with a different tool. I am not sure how it works. I found this by going to my profile, then activity then selecting Mentions (left hand side) and there it was, the earliest message from Discobot. Hope this helps.