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Hi everyone,

I caught a bit of a Getting Sketchy in the style of Picasso on YouTube earlier today. Now, on my porch, I want to watch it on the VI site (no ads; paid my membership) and cannot find it. Search field did not help. (Searched “Getting Sketchy Picasso” and got 27 pages, but none had that video.

Also- along these lines, I would like there to be better cross-referencing of the lists of videos and classes. I do want to look at many of the videos produced in the past. But several times I have had to scroll through a page-by-page result of a jumble of different results. Some Blog. Some lessons. Some specific subjects like explanations of materials, or methods. Color me frustrated.

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Well, “getting sketchy “ is strictly on Youtube open for the public. Live lessons are strictly for members, but I’ve seen time lapse versions on Youtube. I still think you won’t regret becoming a member of TVI once you navigate the huge amount of lessons available.

Also, you can find all the lessons offered and sorted by medium on the menu clicking on lessons. I’m on my phone right now so my screenshot might look different from a computer’s menu. You can also type any medium you’d like to see in the search space and you’ll get the tons of pages that include what you searched for. Maybe that’s where you got all those pages?

I hope this helps.


Sonia has good info. Also the blog tab has some older videos /lessons. Lots of good information, once you get the hang of navigation, its not too bad. Information gained is well worth the tome spent finding the information you are interested in.


Thx. No wonder I couldn’t find Sketchy on VI site! Knowing that takes away one level of frustration! I am quite familiar with the VI site, having been a member since about Feb 2023. But I am suggesting that putting some work into the website search or cross-referencing setup would be very much appreciated. Sometimes I don’t want to look through “tons of pages”- I want to get to drawing!

If you go to the site they have all the past videos and present ones.

Yes. TY Denise. I am advocating for better organization of the site. Subcategories. Indexing. Cross-referencing. Web builders know what I mean.

I hear you and I’m working on making the search function more friendly. Right now a lot content is hidden when using the search function. This is due to many members only pages being hidden from search engines. I have a solution for this but it’s going to take a little time to alter all of the pages. I also just updated the home page. If you scroll down on the home page, you’ll find direct links to each medium page so you can forgo going to Drawing>Colored Pencils, for example. Know that I am always working to make this site easy to use. Any specific suggestions are always welcome.


Thank you Matt! I noticed the change in the homepage. I think the site is awesome. There’s nothing else like you and your site online.


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Thx for your diligence… and caring about this side of the site… your students! Hope we can all help you with this gigantic task. Part of what i will love about your updates, is just seeing (and learning from)
all the information you have to offer.