Gettin sketchy - in the style of Picasso

Wow - this is a hot mess but I had fun! I am just now working my way thru the oil pastel lesson. Please share if you did!

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I agree June, the mess is real but thrilling nonetheless. I never though I will make it. But here we are. You can tell I am a dummy. I didn’t even taped my paper. :laughing:

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Nice job and getting done in time is impressive!

Very well done. You did a good job.

June, isn’t the style of Picaso a hot mess anyway? I think you did a wonderful job! and honestly, I rally like the nose you gave him, such character!!



You are not a dummy and your rendering of Picaso is quite good! His eyes give him two personalities at the same time depending on which one you look at. Great Job!


I’m getting around to posting someof the Getting Sketchy drawings/painting that I’ve done in this season of in the style of. This one I spent about an extra half hour on. I think this style lends itself to personal interpretation. lol



This is wonderful job! I am sitting out this season of participating in GettingSketchin’, live lesson too, but seeing all these wonderful sketchy pieces of artwork makes me want to jump in. Maybe next season.