Spotted Glamour

Bubbles, an Appaloosa x Arab. Drawn onto Clairefontaine pastel mat using a selection of pastel pencils. I’d just finished a Dalmatian and wanted to draw an Appaloosa, spots! This horse was a bit more of a challenge. With thanks to RSD Equine photography for giving me permission to use her photograph. Deb


What a gorgeous subject. Beautiful work.

Debra, you seem to surpass yourself all the time. This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration to continue improving my skills.

Thank you Lori, much appreciated. Deb

Thank you for that comment as I doubt myself sometimes. This picture was more of a challenge as the horse had coloured skin rather than traditional spots. Deb

Wonderfully done. Love it.

Thankyou for your comment Denise. Deb

What an incredible drawing - it’s absolutely fantastic. the colours, the texture, the depth!

If I was to make one critical comment, it would be that there is no background, and that leaves the horse a little ‘out of context’ maybe?

Thank you Mark for your lovely comment on Bubbles (Spotted Glamour). I did this drawing for myself and wasn’t worried about doing the background, I normally put one in to finish it off if I’m drawing for someone else. Deb

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Great subject and pastel work. You have done great work I feel I would love to see this horse in a field. Great job

it doesn’t make the drawing any less remarkable. It’s jaw droppingly good.

Thank you for your comment. Deb

Absolutely gorgeous artwork :+1:t2:

Thank you for your comment. Deb