Strathmore vellum 400 series tears

I bought some strathmore vellum for this course. I could not get the 300 series at my place so I chose 400 which was the only one I could buy.
When I try to remove the paper from it’s binding the margin of the paper tears every single time, sometimes splitting the paper into 2 layers.
Is there anyone else with this problem? What am I doing wrong? I tried flipping the paper several times back n forth. I tried a palette knife that I use for watercolour blocks. In the end the result is the same always.

Hi @Jennilein - So sorry to hear about your trouble. The 400 series is better than the 300 series. And the 500 series is the best, if I remember correctly. I have the 500 series and never has a problem. Actually, my pages are almost falling out. Try flipping the paper back and forth several more times before you try to remove it. That is the only advice I can think might help.

Terri Robichon

Jennilien, I have used Strathmore vellum and bristol smooth 100lb paper for years and yes I’ve had the same problem since day one. As Terri said folding the page back and forth several times helps. Sometimes I run an exacto knife across the glued edge and it comes free but it’s still a pain. My favorite paper is arches and it too can be difficult to remove without damaging it.

@robichon @rleeelliott
Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately it broke the layers in half when I did so. I am still losing part of the paper and have to cut the damaged parts off. I am really disappointed in the paper even though most people love it I will certainly not buy strathmore again it’s overpriced and a hassle to work with.