STUDIO HELP - Mahl Stick vs Armrest

Hello friends,
Many of our members have physical challenges to overcome. Some of us who work on an easel (for instance, when doing pastels) may find it challenging to stabilize their arm when applying small details. Although one can use their little fingers as a support, it can still be difficult to keep the hand from shaking. This is something I have experienced and I found it really frustrating. So, I started looking at solutions that are different from the Mahl stick. I think I may have found the way to work standing up at an easel while still getting support for my arm. I haven’t tried my idea yet (budget of course), but I think it might work. What is it? An arm support for tatoo artists. They are adjustable in height. The pad can be as large as 7" x 16", adjustable in height up to 47 inches depending on the model and they are collapsible for easy storage. Check an example of this on Amazon by searching Tatmax International. Sells for approximately $48 in the US - and $75 CAD in Canada. There are many others. If I order one and find it useful, I will post a follow up.